Download all files in a zip attached with 'multiple file field'

For exapmple, there is file field with allowing multiple files to upload.Then created a node by uploading some files (assume 10 pdf files).Now if we want to download all files in zip format on single click need to use below module.


1. Download and install this module as usual.

2. Need to integrate a library called PclZip

  a. Download library from

  b. Rename the directory to pclzip and upload this dir to sites/all/library

3. Now you will get a new Field Type called 'Download All Files'. Create a new field in your content type (Assume Article) with 'Download All Files' field type and enter text to display (Assume Download all files).

4. Then visit node view page (Article full page) there you will get 'Download All files' feature, By clicking on it you will get a zip file containg all your attachem images/files with your file field.