Disabling a feature does not disable content type

To manually delete a content type that was created by a feature:

1. Disable the feature. I've sometimes run into problems with this--a feature won't disable. In this case, remove the feature module code.

2. Determine the machine name of the content type to be deleted, e.g., 'mytype'. In the site database, revert the node_type table values to the defaults as if the content type were created manually through the UI: mysql> UPDATE node_type SET module = 'node', custom = 1, modified = 1, locked = 0 WHERE type = 'mytype';

3. Clear caches to ensure the content type change is available. 4. Through the UI at admin/structure/types, delete the content type. Please find the below link for any other reference http://drupal.org/node/1055460#comment-5755280